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Outline Systems India.
Outline Systems India.

About Outline

Founded in 2005, Outline Systems India Pvt. Ltd. set foot in the industry with a vision to offer relevant and value-adding IT Services and Consultation to help overcome multi-industry-based business challenges.

Our long-standing experience of 17+ years and comprehensive technical know-how set us apart from the competition in delivering unique digital solutions that are both functional and feature-packed. Our IT Specialisations comprises Software Product Development, Enterprise Application Development and Integration, Business Intelligence And Analytics, Cloud Hosting and Computing, Networks And Cybersecurity, and DevOps among other new-age technological developments.

We have a dedicated team of talented professionals who blend their high-end technical expertise and industry best practices for building bespoke enterprise product development solutions focused on satisfying the cross-functional business demands of our clients. Our seasoned software engineers have acquired first-rate designing and development skills in a wide array of innovative and solution-driven digital solutions that help our clients’ businesses scale new heights and remain competitive.


We have built a spotless reputation over the years by partnering with technology leaders and we strive to shape the future.

We are what our work defines us!

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//What We Do

What We Do

How do we add value to your business?

To help you stay on top, we combine the finest industry practices with our own innovative approach and domain expertise. At OSIPL, we strive to deliver high-performance solutions that exceed your expectations, as well as innovation and set you apart from your competition. We invest significantly on product quality management and process optimization to boost our work efficiency and reduce project costs for our clients. Adoption of emerging technologies, as well as continuous employee training are two essential aspects that we never overlook.

We have a corporate quality management system set in place that enables us to undertake, execute and deliver projects that fully satisfy our clients’ quality, time, and budget expectations. When you deal with us, you can be confident that we will only recommend and use time-tested techniques.

Outline Systems India Value to your business
Outline Systems India Value to your business

Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprises require a cost-efficient, scalable, and highly collaborative enterprise solution that integrates effectively with the entire organization's IT ecosystem in order to flourish and compete in today’s advanced and fast-changing global economy. We offer end-to-end enterprise-level solutions based on a tried-and-true methodological approach and domain expertise.

Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Sophisticated Enterprise Applications that help run business operations more efficiently.

E-Governance Platforms

E-Governance Platforms

Custom platforms/portals based on specific departmental requirements in public facilities.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Speed up the required transformation in your business while saving cost.

AI and ML Solutions

AI & ML Solutions

Intelligent machines that can think, identify issues, and provide solutions just like humans do.

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Outline Enterprise IT Solutions

Product Development

We are always experimenting, so no matter how far-fetched your concept is, our expert product development team can steer it towards a more tangible future. We design and develop market-winning products for your business sector and enable your business to excel. We work with modern technologies and tools to give a fluid experience to you and a wonderful user experience to your customers.
We aspire to create engaging, meaningful, and relevant products based on cutting-edge technology that assist people in achieving their objectives. We provide full-service digital product development, from planning and designing a transformational change to the building, testing, launching, and sustaining scalable solutions for any size organisation.

Product Development
Product Development

Outline Agriculture Product

Agriculture Product

Fostering transformation and innovation to benefit agricultural sector.

Outline Education Product

Education Product

Advanced models for teaching, learning and administration in the digital age.

Outline Manufacturing Product

Manufacturing Product

State-of-the-art digital products for manufacturing businesses to remain competitive.

Outline Health and Fitness Product

Health and Fitness Product

Our Health & Fitness software is easy-to-use, complete business management system for health & fitness clubs.

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Staffing Services

We help business establishments by offering skilled and qualified workers and support-worthy resources with the jobs they are looking for. We handle your staffing needs by offering essential support, saving your business time, effort, and expense, and providing you with access to a pool of relevant, pre-screened, and competent individuals.

Staffing Services

Outline General Staffing

General Staffing

Right talent for every job role when your operations scale up or down.

Outline RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruit the best talent faster with a streamlined talent acquisition process.

Outline Permanent IT Staffing

Permanent IT Staffing

Highly skilled people that are a perfect fit for your permanent job positions.

Outline Temporary IT Staffing

Temporary IT Staffing

Fill critical short-term technology positions with top candidates.

outline systems india
Outline Staffing Services

Accounting Services

We provide accounting and payroll services adapted to your needs if you require a service provider to boost efficiency, cut costs, and keep your data confidential. We help your company have an effective accounting system that will have a significant impact on your business productivity and profitability.
We also provide flexible payroll services tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to free up important time and resources while ensuring that all obligations are met in a timely and effective manner for each jurisdiction of the business.

Accounting Services
Outline Accounting Services

OSIPL Accounting


Reliable Bookkeeping and Accounting to make informed decisions.



Our tax processing experts oversee all the aspects of your taxes.

OSIPL Payroll


Ensure your employees get paid accurately and timely.

OSIPL Benefits


Looking after employees’ basic needs and all forms of benefits.

outline systems india

HR and Payroll Services

Supporting rapid change, responding to market dynamics, boosting employee engagement, and improving efficiency are all the elements of the world of work. We offer mission-critical HR services and professional and proactive employee care services to businesses across various industrial domains. Our service covers the entire employee lifecycle, right from recruitment to retirement.

HR and Payroll Services

Osipl Employee Recruitment

Employee Recruitment

Find the right employees for your organization.

Osipl Training and Development

Training & Development

Maintain high levels of employee performance.

Osipl Compensation and Satisfaction

Compensation & Satisfaction

Ensure your employees get paid accurately and timely.

Osipl Laws and Compliance

Laws & Compliance

Stay compliant and updated on the changing employment laws.

outline systems india
Outline HR and Payroll Services

How We Work

We deliver custom software solutions to all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises, using clear delivery procedures, effective communication, and a flexible and pragmatic approach.

//How I Work

Inception & Requirement Gathering

At this point, the objective is to define the scope, project goals, and solution viability. The inception stage includes determining the scope and end-users, identifying essential features and requirements, and defining the timeline, risks, and costs.

Development & Technical Iterations

Iteration is the process that breaks the large development of a system into smaller units. It involves repeated designing, prototyping, and testing of different versions (iterations) of a product. Each iteration improves on the one that came before it.

Testing & Product Launch

Using both manual and automated testing, we ensure that the system is bug-free, everything works as expected, and that the overall performance of the digital product is at its peak before it goes live. This is followed by product deployment and technical and marketing support.

Verticals We Work In

Need a reliable and future-proof solution tailored to your business and industry?

With over ten years of experience, we offer exceptional services to a wide range of industries and thousands of enterprises. Our professionals utilize industry knowledge and experience to provide a high degree of customized attention that prevents service downtime, optimizes productivity, and levels the playing field against the industry leaders.

Our mission is to equip your organization with the most crucial technologies in your field. Maintaining competitiveness is critical, and the best way to do it in today's high-tech corporate world is to have a competent team of experts at your disposal.

We have delivered successfully to businesses in the following industry verticals:


Words that Matter The Most To Us!

People who rely on us appreciate us in the end for our fantastic results, tailored service, industry knowledge and expertise, and strict adherence to project timeline.
Here's what a couple of our dear clients think about us:


Words that Matter The Most To Us!

People who rely on us appreciate us in the end for our fantastic results, tailored service, industry knowledge and expertise, and strict adherence to project timeline.
Here's what a couple of our dear clients think about us:


It is not just about the things we do. It all comes down to how we make each day meaningful.

A code of ethics assists our company in defining and maintaining acceptable behaviour standards. We have a solid ethical framework in place to help us sail through waters of high stress. Moreover, social responsibility has become an important part of culture at OSIPL. We, at OSIPL believe in savouring every moment of life. We relish the freedom of expression, thoughts, opinions, and have comfort and fun working around each other.



Over these years, we have received these certificates and recognition that make us really proud and boost our drive to deliver optimum and advanced services.

Stay ahead of the competition with our value-adding and top-notch IT services and consultation.